INFINITUS Pai Li Qing Pack
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Infinitus Pai Li Qing Tonic x 2 + Infinitus Calcium, Zinc & Vitamin D (Strawberry flavor) x 1 


Pai Li Qing Tonic

Formulated with various ingredients, including Chinese figwort, astragalus root, stachyose, dwarf lilyturf, radish seed, senna leaf, stevioside, the tonic is tested on animals and humans, and is proven effective in supporting healthy bowel movements.

Key Ingredients: Chinese Figwort, Astragalus Root, Stachyose, Dwarf Lilyturf, Radish Seed, Senna Leaf, Stevioside, Purified Water


Product Features:

  • Moisturize and restore a healthy intestinal environment: Chinese figwort and dwarf lilyturf nurture Yin energy, moisten the system and reduce inner heat
  • Cleanse the intestines and purify the microenvironment: Astragalus root and radish seed promote intestinal movements, while the small amount of senna leaf removes the constipated stool and toxins
  • Nourish, protect the intestines and maintain healthy circulation: Prebiotics extracted from plants and stachyose protect the gastrointestinal microbiota, maintaining a healthy and balanced intestinal environment



The active ingredient in Calcium, casein phosphopeptides (CPP) is extracted from the cow milk produced by the farms in the Netherlands and New Zealand. The best environment provides quality ingredients for the product! Infinitus’ Calcium strengthens the bones, supporting the overall bone health.


Product Features

1. CPP in the cow milk is extracted with advanced technology. CPP effectively promotes the absorption of calcium and generation of saliva, resulting in strengthened and healthier teeth!
2. CPP is sourced from the cow milk produced in the farms of the highest quality in the Netherlands and New Zealand
3. The calcium-phosphorus ratio is strictly controlled to simulate breast milk. Easy and safe to absorb with massive health benefits


Directions for use

Direction: Drink one bottle each time, and twice per day, Take four pills per day. Pregnant women can take up to 5-8 pills per day. Chew to consume or swallow with water

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