Vitabelle Hydrating Toner

Retail Price: KRW38,000
Member's Price: KRW30,000

Refresh and Moisturize with Plant Extract Power

Product features:

  • Patented Schisandra Chinensis formula regulates skin health and condition (China invention patent number: ZL201711455506.1)
  • Scientifically proven extraction technique: 72-hour triple extraction and triple filtering process maximizes the purity of the ingredients
  • Schisandra Chinensis from the north, a species that is highly resilient against cold weather up to -30℃ is specially selected for extraction
  • Specially formulated with highly viable fresh Opuntia ficus-indica, the active ingredients provide effective hydration and moisturizing effects
  • Hamamelis virginiana flower: rigorously sourced Hamamelis virginiana flower extract from North America, effectively refreshing and moisturizing the skin
  • Retains skin moisture: 2 hours after use, stratum corneum hydration level +44.91%; 4 hours after use, stratum corneum hydration level +45.66%; 8 hours after use, stratum corneum hydration level +40.75%

Product specifications:200ml/bottle

水、乙醇、丙二醇、甘油、北美金缕梅花水、聚山梨醇酯-20、苯氧乙醇、PEG-40 氢化蓖麻油、五味子果提取物、仙桃仙人掌茎提取物、海藻糖、大豆提取物、乙基己基甘油


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