BEAUTRIO Hydrated Essence Mist

Retail Price: KRW21,000
Member's Price: KRW17,000


  • Cosmetic polysaccharide compound: tremella polysaccharide,  pansy polysaccharide and dwarf lilyturf polysaccharide
  • Spray nozzle imported from France converts the into gentle fine mist
  • Palm-sized, easy to carry
  • Enjoy moisturized skin anytime, anywhere


Package: 80ml x 1 bottle

Tremella Polysaccharide, Pansy Polysaccharide, Dwarf Lilyturf Polysaccharide, Aloe Vera Juice, Chamomile Extract, Thaumatophyllum Bipinnatifidum Root Extract

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Maximum purchase quantity per order: 6 pieces

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