Vitabelle Hydrating Cleanser

Retail Price: KRW17,000
Member's Price: KRW14,000

Plant Cleansing Power - Refresh Gently and Restore Optimal Oil & Water Balance

Product features:

  • Patented Schisandra Chinensis formula regulates skin health and condition (China invention patent number: ZL201711455506.1)
  • Scientifically proven extraction technique: 72-hour triple extraction and triple filtering process maximizes the purity of the ingredients
  • Schisandra Chinensis from the north, a species that is highly resilient against cold weather up to -30℃ is specially selected for extraction
  • Specially formulated with highly viable fresh Opuntia ficus-indica, the active ingredients provide effective hydration and moisturizing effects
  • Meleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil: State-of-the-art extraction technique to collect the most delicate tea tree essential oil
  • Creamy texture, gently removing all the impurities on the skin - stratum corneum hydration level +10.65%,

Product specifications:125ml/bottle

정제수, 광유(鑛油), 글리세린, 프로판다이올, 세테아릴알코올, 호호바씨 오일, 이소프로필미리스테이트, EG-5 글리세롤 스테아레이트, 오미자 추출물, 보검선인장 줄기 추출물, 콩 추출물, 푸코오스

적당량을 덜어 소량의 물로 충분히 거품을 내어, 얼굴 전체를 가볍게 마사지하듯 러빙한 후, 미온수로 헹구어 줍니다.

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