INFINITUS Er Tong Solid Drink
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Product Overview


All-Rounded Development for Children

Er Tong Solid Drink is a specially designed nutritional formula, which includes 12 quality ingredients: hawthorn, Fructus Mume, polysaccharides, needle mushroom and many more. It supports the health of the spleen and stomach, serves to satisfy nutritional needs, which results in strengthened immunity and bodily functions. With a healthy spleen and stomach, your children will then be able to absorb nutrients more effectively, have better immunity and thus grow stronger!


Product Features

1. This formula consists of rich amino acids, micronutrients and polysaccharides
2. Proven effective in regulating the immune system, suitable for children’s consumption
3. Small individual sachets, easy to carry


This product has passed the inspection by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company in Switzerland

Package: 1.5g x 60 sachets

Directions for use

Take one sachet each time, and twice per day. Add 100ml of hot water and mix until the solute dissolves


Goji Berry, Senna Obtusifolia, Taurine, Needle Mushroom, Oyster Shell, Poria, Shiitake Mushroom, White Fungus, Euryale Seed, Hawthorn, Chinese Date, Fructus Mume

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