EZY Liv Herbal Vege Capsule(HongKong Version)

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Product Introduction

 Protect Your Liver for A Healthy And Enjoyable Life


It can prevent liver cirrhosis in people with mild to moderate fatty liver, alcoholic liver and those at risk of chemical liver injury. Protect the liver and gallbladder by reducing inner heat and eliminating toxins in the body. Plant-based ingredients and capsules, suitable for vegans


Warning: Children, pregnant and breastfeeding women,Or people with physical diseases,please consult your doctor before using this product

Packaging:57g(Around 120 capsules

Product certified and tested by renowned Swiss organization SGS

Radix Pueraria lobata, Semen Hovenia dulcis, Flos Lonicera japonica, Stachyose, Fructus Siraitia grosvenorii Extract, Plant-based capsule shell 

Swallow 2 capsules twice a day

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