BEAUTRIO Intensive Repairing Essence

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Intensive Repair - Strengthen and Revitalize Your Skin!

Rare premium Traditional Chinese herbs are extracted to create the proprietary Polysac-Jolie and Ac-tide R+. The innovative technology integrates the active ingredients into an effective concentrate that intensively repairs, revitalizes and strengthens the skin fundamentally.


Product Features

  • Repairing: Ac-tide R+ is formulated with Oligopeptide-1, Hexapeptide-3, carnosine and rice peptide, effective in repairing micro-damages on the skin
  • Strengthening: Polysac-Jolie is formulated with ginsenoside and polysaccharides extracted from various herbs, including notoginseng, female ginseng and Saussurea involucrata. The beauty factor strengthens and nourishes the skin fundamentally and improves its resistance against external threats
  • Revitalizing: The compound revitalizing is formulated with yeast , whitening and moisturizing compound ingredients. It replenishes the essential nutrients for the skin, rejuvenating you from within!
  • Proprietary patent (201310449238.8, 201420583011.2)
  • Monde Selection Silver Award Winner in 2016


This product has passed the inspection by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company in Switzerland

Package: (0.1g x 4 + 9mL x 4 + 30g) /set

Ac-tide R+ (formulated with Oligopeptide-1, Hexapeptide-3, Carnosine and Rice Peptide), Polysac-Jolie (formulated with Ginsenoside and Polysaccharides extracted from Notoginseng, Female Ginseng and Saussurea Involucrate)



  1. Open the powder and liquid . Slowly pour the liquid into the powder. Close the dropper container tightly, then shake the mixed gently.
  2. Use after applying the toner. Place a few drops of the mixed liquid in the palm, then gently apply it on the and neck. For optimal results, the liquid should be used within a week after mixing.
  3. Evenly apply a sufficient amount of Repairing on the skin
  4. Follow the above routine once in the morning and once at night for four weeks

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