Lung and Throat Moistening Combo (For member only)

Retail Price: KRW190,000
Member's Price: KRW175,000

Lung and Throat Moistening Combo


Oriherb Zengjian Solid Drink                                           x 1 box

Calcium, Zinc & Vitamin D (Strawberry flavor)                x 1 bottle

Oriherb Royal Lingzhzi Calus Capsule                           x 1 bottle

Oriherb Jin Zhao Plus                                                     x 1 bottle


Recommend to:

People who want to improve greasy hair, too much eye gums, feeling dry and bitter in mouths, bad breath, aversion to greasy food, poor appetite, beer belly, brown urine, and constipation.


Expected to be delivered within 7-14 days

Maximum purchase quantity per order: 6 pieces

Need to provide ID card information for customs clearance purposes (Customs clearance time may affect the actual delivery time of the order)