VITABELLE Nourishing & Moisturizing Hand Cream

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Moisturize and Revitalize Your Hands

Formulated with Schisandrin B, silk extract and vaseline, the hand cream hydrates and moisturizes the skin, while preventing dryness and smoothing out roughness.


Product Features:

  • Schisandrin B can improve the skin ability of removing free radicals to delay skin aging
  • Silk extract and vaseline form a protection layer around the hands, which provides long-lasting moisturizing, nourishing effect and prevents dryness


This product has passed the inspection by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company in Switzerland


Package: 60g

Direction: Apply a sufficient amount on the hands, then massage until the hand cream is absorbed evenly

Key Ingredients: Schisandrin B, Silk Extract, Vaseline

Expected to be delivered within 7-14 days

Maximum purchase quantity per order: 6 pieces

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