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Infinitus Women Harmony            5 bottles

Vitabelle Facial Mask (Moisturizing)      1 box


Infinitus Women Harmony


Feel Balanced and Carefree throughout the Month


Formulated with rigorously selected key ingredients from around the world, the compound formula has multiple effects to support women by providing relief to menstruation problems, keeping the urinary tract healthy, maintaining a healthy balance of female hormones and resisting oxidation. Pamper and nourish yourself to have a hassle-free period every month!


Product features

⬥     Imported with original packaging from Australia, the manufacturing factory has passed TGA and has been certified by NSW Food Authority

⬥     The chasteberry is sourced from Europe, containing active ingredients including agnuside and aucubin. It helps provide relief to pre-menstruation discomfort, regulates menstruation cycles, and reduces breast swelling and pain

⬥     The cranberry is sourced from North America, and is extracted from the whole fruit. It contains sufficient amount of proanthocyanidin (PACs), which helps keep the urinary tract healthy, while resisting oxidation

⬥     The evening primrose oil is sourced from North America, containing gamma-Linolenic acid (GLA). It helps maintain a healthy balance of hormones

⬥     100% made of plant-based ingredients, suitable for vegetarians


Package: 60 capsules


Vitabelle Facial Mask (Moisturizing)


Experience the Moisturizing Power of Solomon's Seal!

Plant-based nourishing ingredients, including Solomon’s seal extract, lily extract and goji berry extract, are specially selected to provide the skin with constant hydration.


Product Features

●     Liposomal encapsulation technique accelerates the skin absorption process by supporting faster penetration of the ingredients

●     The facial mask is specially designed to fit your perfectly. It is made of soybean fiber, which is gentle and breathable on the skin

●     The vitamin A in Solomon’s seal is effective in reducing skin dryness and roughness, resulting soft and smooth skin


This product has passed the inspection by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company in Switzerland


Package: 20g/piece

Directions for use

Infinitus Women Harmony

An adult should take three capsules per day, or consult a physician for appropriate dosage. Take the capsules before the meal.


Vitabelle Facial Mask (Moisturizing)

1.     Cleanse your face thoroughly

2.     Apply the mask on the face. Gently press it with your fingers to make it stick to the skin

3.     Leave the mask on the face for 15-20 minutes

4.     Remove the mask. Gently massage to help the skin absorb the remaining essence, then rinse off


Infinitus Women Harmony

Cranberry extract, chasteberry extract, rose extract, evening primrose oil, vitamin B6


Vitabelle Facial Mask (Moisturizing)

Solomon’s Seal Extract, Lily Extract, Goji Berry Extract 

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