Infinitus Hui Bei Tonic Combo
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Product Overview


Stay Energetic and Think Sharp by Taking Care of Your Health!

Designed with craftsmanship and genuineness, Hui Bei Tonic takes good care of your health by strengthening the immunity.


Product features

⬥         Six traditional health nourishing ingredients are specially selected, including poria, hawthorn and enokitake mushroom.

⬥         Designed and formulated based on traditional Chinese wellness philosophy.

⬥         Patented formula*, providing a rich source of polysaccharides, which are effective in strengthening human immunity.

⬥         Smart production process that integrates packaging and sterilization workflow is implemented, supported by modern polysaccharide extraction and compression techniques. Multiple inspections are conducted for guaranteed product quality and efficacy.

⬥         No added cane sugar, preservatives and artificial coloring

Directions for use

Direction: Take one bottle each time, and three times per day


Key ingredients: Poria, Hawthorn, Enokitake mushroom, Chinese date, Shiitake mushroom, White fungus

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