Vitabelle 12 Vit Plus Tone Up Mask (10 pieces)

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Member's Price: AUD28.00

【Eliminate melanin, and be the elegant beauty with snowy skin】Vitabelle 12 Vit Plus Tone Up Mask is effective on moisturizing, whitening, brightening and improve complexion.

Product Features:

- 12 vitamins ingredients - suppress melanin production to brighten and the skin tone
- 4 Chinese herb extracts - improve skin circulation, anti-oxidation and improve complexion
- 8 extracted flowers - repair barrier function, help on skin softening and smoothing
- Use water gel mask which draws out heavy metal and allows the skin to directly absorb the whitening ingredients
- Manufactured in South Korea and certified effectiveness in drawing out heavy metal by a renowned third-party Institute - KOTITI in South Korea
- The product has obtained the safety certification of INTERTEK

Product Specifications: 30g/mask


  1. 洁净面部肌肤后,取出面膜,将膜布贴于面部
  2. 15-20分钟后取下面膜轻拍帮助精华液吸收
  3. 可用袋子里的剩余的精华在颈部轻轻按摩1-2分钟

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Maximum purchase quantity per order: 6 pieces

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